Customer Review | 24k Gold Pin Cushion Massage Comb - Very Fluffy Combed

Customer Review |  24k Gold Pin Cushion Massage Comb - Very Fluffy Combed

Most of girls pay attention on their hair style & hair, a big number of females after delivery are facing hair loss and no idea about it. We buy suitable hair shampoo, conditioner & hair mask but what do you think about combing also is an important way, choosing a good hair comb may get big effect on your hair.

I feel ashamed to tell you all, I will choose shampoo & conditioner seriously, I think many people will be same as me. For buying hair brush, I usually buy the hair brush not more than RM10 because I think it can hair comb, it has done its job.

Thinking of hair comb is in-expensive, therefore when it spoiled just put it into bin and buy again.

But when I get an invitation of opening box from UFFY COMB MALAYSIA, I felt nervous but excited to have an opportunity to use a handmade comb. On the other hand, I am afraid that the comb is not practical (I felt that normal comb is able to comb hair too, why do I need a high end comb? If there is not really good, how do I reject them.)

First time when I saw UFFY this brand, I would think of after combing hair could cause hair fluffy

24k Gold Platted Cushion Massage Comb

What are the differences between UFFY and others?

Handmade comb

Teeth of comb not dropping

Teeth of comb with gold platted, one piece, Round head design

Solid Wood Grip

☑ Teeth of comb with 24K gold platted, Feel cool when combing hair

Air cushion is soft and elasticity, distributing pressure according to the strength of combing

Do Not Pull the scalp

anti-static, make hair docile and not frizzy

Gold-platted comes with negative ion, let hair fluffy

scalp message

stimulate blood point, strengthen hair follicles, relieve stress and migraines

⭐⭐⭐ Unprecedented combing experience

At present, Uffy Comb has a total of 4 styles, which are:

(1) 24k Gold Pin Portable Mini Cushion Wooden Massage Small Hair Comb (Light Brown)

(2) 24k Gold Pin Portable Mini Cushion Wooden Massage Small Hair Comb (Dark Brown)

(3) 24k Gold Pin Cushion Wooden Massage Premium Hair Comb (Light Brown)

(4) Double Nylon Wet Comb for Detangling Hair (Black)

The difference is that the first two are relatively small and can be put in a bag to go out; the third is relatively large and has long comb teeth; the fourth is a comb designed for wet hair

I Usually comb hair, there is much more hair loss or pulled off but when I use this hair comb, how’s surprisingly that it is not much hair loss

Furthermore, my hair becomes really fluffy. I can’t explain in a word, you must try then you will know

We comb everyday but how many people will pay attention on their hair comb? Actually, after trying, I would like to buy this for my mom as her mother day’s present 

I feel older people may not be willing to spend money on their own but if you do not know what to present them, UFFY comb may be a better choice! We are not always spend time with them to help them massage and we are not affordable for massage chair, present a massage comb would be also great

Where to buy Uffy comb https://www.uffy.my/collections/feature-on-homepage/products/premium-massage-comb-wet-comb-set

️## Customer Review by  XiaoWei  

## Translated by Uffy Comb Malaysia

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