The Hair Brush and Comb Cleaning Actually Not too Hard

The Hair Brush and Comb Cleaning Actually Not too Hard

The hair brush and comb cleaning actually not too hard


I believe that all gorgeous you must know to clean your makeup tool often, to avoid gaining bacteria and to extend its life circle. Many times our hair brushes and combs are dirty but normally we only clean upper hair on the hair brushed and combs, or we change a new one. Actually hair brushed and combs cleaning is same like other makeup tools, need to be cleaned thoroughly for avoiding bacteria growing and greasy smears on your hair again! So today Uffy Comb wanna tell you gals a few steps for this combs cleaning, let mark it down! https://lihi1.com/7dmCG

Do you know that everyone has a great Shampoo ! Beside Shampoo, we still need the Uffy Cleaning Brush. DO remind that if your comb is made by wood. You have better to prevent the wooden handle from touching the water.

How to Use Uffy Cleaning Brush to clean your hair brush and comb

Step 1 Remove all hair on your comb, use Uffy Cleaning Brush to clean dust and dirt frist.

Step 2 Put some shampoo in the water.

Step 3 Use the Uffy Cleaning Brush and soapy water to clean the comb teeth and cushion.

Step 4 Clean by water and let it dry.

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