The benefits of Combing Your Hair

The benefits of Combing Your Hair
Having soft, shiny and fluffy hair can add a lot to your look!  However, hairdressing problems such as matted hair, curly and frizz can make combing difficult and troubling.  Using the right comb can not only have smooth and healthy hair, but also maintain health!

The benefits of combing your hair

In addition to maintaining a neat and clean appearance, daily brushing of hair not only promotes blood circulation, but also stimulates acupuncture points by massaging the scalp through the teeth to achieve the following health benefits!

1. It can take away the dirt, dander, grease and other dirt on the scalp and hair.

 2. Promote metabolism, drive nutrients and oxygen to the scalp hair follicles, stabilize hair roots and reduce hair loss.

 3. Regulate sebum secretion, reduce dandruff and make hair shiny.

 4. Comb your hair for about ten minutes before going to bed, it can promote hair growth, reduce gray hair, and improve migraine and insomnia.

 5. Remove static electricity, avoid hair knots, breakage and damage.

Uffy 24K Gold Plated Pin Cushion Scalp Massage Comb


The exclusive gold-plated comb design with negative ions can resist static electricity on the hair, easily control frizz and knotted hair, and comb out fluffy, soft and shiny hair.  The highly elastic air cushion design is matched with gold-plated comb teeth to give proper pressure to the scalp, massage the scalp while combing hair, stimulate the acupuncture points, promote blood circulation, avoid hair loss and increase hair regeneration. https://lihi1.com/4IlUP

Uffy Double Nylon Detangling Hair Brush


Super elastic nylon double comb design, especially designed for wet hair after shampooing, easy to clean oily dandruff, comb smooth and knotted hair, and will not cause hair loss due to damage to the hair. https://lihi1.com/o5HHP

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