How to Detangle Wet Hair After Shampooing

How to Detangle Wet Hair After Shampooing

Are you dare to challenge after washing your hair and using a comb to comb your hair directly? Or else straight away use a comb to comb your hair when your coloring hair with frizzy? This UFFY Double Nylon Detanling Hair Brush is ABLE to comb easily with smooth and shinning.

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I believe that many people have been longtime do not use comb, normally with do your hair with your hands, this is because you do not use a right comb. UFFY Double Nylon Detanling Hair Brush, this is the comb that combine advantages of all combs, beside this, this comb also uses to comb hair after washing your hair and also the handle of comb, surface of comb and teeth of comb, there are UNIQUE design. This comb is light with quality and not like other combs, too heavy until hand feels tired. Furthermore, the design of teeth of comb can comb wet even hair is completely damaged by perming & dyeing, which is really convenient for people

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1. After washing your hair or after swimming, those wet hair Is hard to comb, for instant if you use harder, your hair become weaker because hair is opened when it is wet but this comb is designed for wet hair, it can comb your hair by layer.

2. For those people who always coloring their hair | Actually hair is easily to get hair knotted when it is wet state. When dry hair or hairdo with plenty of hair spray. I do recommend to comb your hair with UFFY DOUBLE NYLON DETANLING HAIR BRUSH first before you wash your hair, so it may not to get hair knotted after washing your hair. This comb also suitable for children who are facing hair knotted

3. Hair Scalp Massaging| For normal hair combs do have elasticity of teeth comb, this is for massaging hair scalp but UFFY Double Nylon Detanling Hair Brush, its design, the curved teeth on the surface of comb, it could be reached massage effect , each teeth of comb does have super strong elasticity and memories. When you comb your hair, the hair is weaken, combs does have strong strength to smooth your hair, however, when your hair is strong, it does not pull your hair. This super memorized teeth of comb comes with a round particles on every teeth of comb, it helps to massage hair scalp, builds your hair roots.

After having UFFY Double Detanling Hair Brush, no matter your hair is wet or hair knotted, it becomes easily to control, not only will not lose your hair but also can strengthen hair and promote your hair growth

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