Customer Review | Uffy Gave Me an Unprecedented Combing Experience

Customer Review | Uffy Gave Me an Unprecedented Combing Experience

I talked about hair washing & hair treatment to my friends, when my hair gets frizzy and hair fall every time, I wonder is it hair shampoo is not suitable for me or the hair treatment is not suitable for me, otherwise why my hair keeps frizzy, split ends and knots? Furthermore, I am curious too about why after using the hair treatment, my hair keeps frizzy, split ends and knots. But last, we guess it is hair shampoos or conditioners make our hair into this kind of problem.

I always believe that the hair problem, it is from Shampoos or conditioners, I have never thought that it is from a COMB.

Long hair mostly facing problem is getting knotted, for instance I have big volume of long hair, I feel painful when it gets knotted, it is not easily to get smooth while the hair is easily torn.

I just got a recommend from my friend that she bought two combs which the brand is from Uffy Comb  Malaysia , its 24K gold platted cushion message comb and double nylon detangling wet comb. It was because of its powerful effect and good evaluation so I decided to buy it even the price is a little bit expensive but it is said that its quality can last for 8-10 years, so it may a worthwhile investment ever!

[Comparing normal comb and UFFY Comb]

What‘s a special of these two combs, one is for scalp massage while another one is for wet hair. Black color one (double nylon detangling wet comb) can be used in bath room, using it with hair shampoo to clean scalp, it is same like our hair’s brushes, it is good to remove oil from our hair scalp, prevents clogging of scalp pores, hair loss and makes hair shiny.

On the other hand, wood with 24K gold platted cushion massage comb is able to massage scalp and maintain scalp elasticity, promote hair follicle health, blood circulation, refresh and relieve stress, headache and also improve insomnia!

[Combing Experiences and feelings after using]

I used these two combs have been for a while, black color one (double nylon detangling wet comb) is super amazing, after I wash my hair and have not put treatment on it yet, the hair definitely smooth, I comb my hair easily with very little hair fall.

Contrastingly Wood 24K gold platted cushion massage comb helps me on reducing static electricity, feels sleepy after combing because it is too comfortable if uses both combs. My hair now is not anymore frizzy and hair knotted with getting a lot of hair loss! In addition, the 24K cushion massage comb with negative ions can also make the hair fluffy and not frizzy~

Moreover, Uffy’s comb allows you to massage your scalp comfortably at the same time have a better blood circulation acceleration effect, 

Where to buy Uffy comb https://www.uffy.my/collections/feature-on-homepage/products/premium-massage-comb-wet-comb-set

️## Customer Review by Bella

## Translated by Uffy Comb Malaysia

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