Customer Review | A Good Comb Is Definitely Worth the Investment

Customer Review | A Good Comb Is Definitely Worth the Investment


I found myself recently that I love a hobby, and perhaps everyday.

Because I have 2 PCS magic of comb.

I thought if wanna our hair healthy , that must be using good shampoo..

BUT! I never think that combing also has advantages and disadvantages ! And it helps me on a lot of curly and frizzy hair problem issue.

Uffy Double Nylon Detangling Hair Brush

It really opens my eyes! 

It just easily solves the hair knotted when my hair is wet. How’s amazing ! 

It is because of the elasticity and design of teeth of comb, detangling wet hair easily.

The point is after combing not much hair loss! This really surprising me !


Uffy 24K Gold Plated Pin Cushion Scalp Massage Comb

When the hair dry, use another one comb from Uffy Comb, It’s 24K Gold platted scalp massage comb, it would be wonderful!

I never believe that it is so comfortable after combing !

It is extremely relax when 24K gold platted teeth comb using on my hair scalp!

And it can massage, stimulate acupuncture points & accelerate blood circulation. 

Also, after combing, my hair is fluffy and not flat!


This is the reason that I love these combs !

A good comb is definitely worth the investment! My favorites are the following
✅ Save time and easily detangle knotted hair
✅ Comb your curly frizzy hair without hair loss
✅ Massage scalp effect, promote blood circulation
✅ Keep hair fluffy and not flat

## Reviewed by GiGi Cheoh

## Translated by Uffy Coimb Malaysia

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