2022 5 Best Brand Hair Comb Review

2022 5 Best Brand Hair Comb Review

Combing hair is daily activities what we are doing! Hair is extremely important for women, it is also representing female’s second face too! While there are too many brands comb, the famous one are Uffy Comb Malaysia, Aveda Malaysia , which would you choose? Our job is helping you in recommendation & comparison! It could be related to a “hair brush” you use If you have hair knotted, hair loss or scalp problem, thence choosing a RIGHT hair comb is much more important. This article main purpose is recommending a best brand and work effectively for the COMB brand

No. 5 – KENT Natural Bristle Hair Brush – Brush made from natural animal bristles

KENT comb is from England handmade comb, its material is made from NATURAL Animal mane. Mane’s highlight is not letting hair to get static electricity easily. While combing hair, this hair comb is available to distribute the greased to the end of the hair and become hair shinning and healthy. But this type of comb’s teeth are quite dense between the teeth, cause to this it may easily to stuck hair and dandruff and it may take time to clear up on the comb. Furthermore, for those whose hair is tiny and hair knotted, this comb IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Me, also have such experiences for this type hair comb, and found my hair is easily to get hair knotted so it may a bit annoying.

▍ No. 4 – TANGLE TEEZER TT – brand of detangling dry and wet hair brush

Tangle Teezer is also called TT Comb. It is easily comb without hair knotted when flaunt hair is wet. Comb’s teeth most materials are made from Nylon and it is soft with elastic material, some more it comes with cute design so it is preferable by ladies who love their long hair and it also has a cover for the comb, to protect well for comb’s teeth. After this comb becomes popular at online market, a lot of fake TT comb has been published. My friend also get the fake comb, Fake product imitated exactly the same but nylon comb’s teeth make your scalp feel painful, I suggest when you buy must be carefully the FAKE.

▍ No. 3 – AVEDA air cushion massage paddle comb– scalp massage, activating acupuncture points

AVEDA, this brand comb is made for from England. For better know, this hair comb has air cushion, large area of comb, this comb is most suitable for ladies whose hair is long and who has thick hair. This massage comb is nice for people who are lazy and just only for a second time especially who may get in late for their work. The design of air cushion is able to release elasticity when combing, comb’s wide teeth also helps your scalp massage when you comb, for some adequate massages may improve health on our body, ladies who love to massage their hair may like this comb AVEDA.

▍ No. 2 – DENMAN Vent Brush – a brand of royal hair brush that stylists own!

Denman brand is build for Saloon and it is from Ireland ! Grip & teeth are also essence designed which is used with hair dryer, that may able to do your hair with more curly and taller hair; hollow design between each teeth is designed for hot air from hair dryer to accelerate hair blowing process. If you wanna to do your fascinating hairstyle, this comb may be suitable for you. But not all people could use the hair comb to do perfect hairstyle as hairstylist, this needs to be practiced many times.

▍ No. 1 – Uffy 24K Gold Pin Massage Comb – Make In Taiwan Best Handmade Brand Comb

I solemnly recommend this Comb which is from Taiwan handmade, high quality – UFFY. Its’ grip design is from wood with air cushion massaging, the most special point is the teeth of the comb is made from 24K gold plated ! The teeth of comb is designed for you feel cool when you comb your hair and massage intensity is more harder than teeth of plastic material, massaging scalp could be improve blood circulation, let people feel more comfortable and release. It is not just enjoy after combing your hair , it is also help to relieve headache, improve insomnia ! I strongly recommend UFFY this brand, It is the extremely useful ~ I heard that TAIWAN has sold more than NT10,000,000 (RM 1 million ++)

Teeth of comb with negative ions could lead to hair is fluffy and not frizzy. The design of air cushion has emphasized ventilation holes, and let the air cushion more elastic.

Where to Buy Uffy 24K Gold Pin Massage Comb https://www.uffy.my/collections/feature-on-homepage/products/premium-massage-hair-comb-light-brown

Visit Uffy Comb Malaysia https://www.uffy.my/

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